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Most cat and dog foods contain Omega-6, but lack Omega-3 fatty acids due to their limited shelf life. Omega-3 and Omega-6 are unsaturated fatty acids that play an important role in the health of animals and humans. They must be consumed through food because the body cannot produce them. Omega-3, EPA and DHA play a key role in all body cells. They are among the most extensively studied natural agents in the world.

DHA is an Omega-3 fatty acid that is crucial for the optimal development of the brain and nervous system. It has also been demonstrated that Omega-3 supplements contribute to better joint and muscle mobility. It can be effectively administered with Biodistra Omega-3.

chien-qui-dortAn all-natural product

Biodistra Omega-3 is an all-natural product, made by purifying oils naturally found in fish. Farmed fish are not used in its manufacture, only wild fish from the open sea.

Fish that live in cold, deep waters are naturally rich in EPA and DHA.

The product is processed and manufactured according to human foodstuff quality standards

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