Proden PlaqueOff Humans

For healthier teeth and gums

Naturally helps control dental plaque and tartar.

  • A innovative, essential oral hygiene product
  • Helps prevent the formation dental plaque and tartar
  • Two to four capsules per day continuously

ProDen PlaqueOff®

ProDen PlaqueOff® – to be used in an optimal and natural way to fight existing dental plaque and tartar or as prevention.

  • It prevents dental plaque from sticking to the teeth
  • Softens tartar and loosens it over time

Unlike other mechanical procedures, ProDen PlaqueOff® works through the vascular system.

ProDen PlaqueOff® is a natural product containing a special seaweed patented worldwide.

What is Bacterial Plaque and what are its effects?

Bacterial plaque evolves constantly in the oral environment. It can accumulate on the teeth, gums and tongue and can cause bad breath, cavities, gum disease (bleeding) and periodontitis.

Torough, regular cleaning can reduce the formation of the bacterial plaque and tartar which cause inflammation and serious gum and tooth problems.

Once tartar has formed, it is very difficult to remove. Tartar is continuously forming, even with regular brushing. ProDen PlaqueOff® helps you effectively and easily improve your oral hygiene and may contribute to longer intervals between scaling visits.

100% natural.

ProDen PlaqueOff® is developed and manufactured in Sweden. Patent EU 1328285.
ProDen PlaqueOff® is on sale at specialty outlets.

Packing and packaging

PlaqueOff, which has proven effective for over 10 years, has changed its packaging.

  • More capsules (140 capsules, up to 70 days’ supply)

An addition of:

  • Vitamin C (contributes to normal collagen formation)
  • Vitamin D (involved in maintaining healthy teeth)
  • Zinc (helps maintain normal oral acidity)
Proden PlaqueOff Humans