Restomyl Gel restores your dog's or cat's oral mucosa.

  • Gingivitis is one of the commonest diseases in veterinary dentistry and increases with age. The symptoms are reluctance to eat or drink, sadness, a lack of joy... due to the pain.

Gingivitis is reversible when treated at the beginning, and will avoid the development of irreversible tissue inflammation known as periodontitis which can lead to systemic complications in kidneys, myocardium, and liver.

Dental scaling in association with Restomyl Gel provides a double action to protect your pet’s mouth.

Functional principle

Adelmidrol – soothing / Traumatic Acid – re-epithelialization / Phytosphingosine – Sanitizing / Hyaluronic acid – mucoadhesive 

Restomyl Gel calms gingivitis and may avoid antibiotic treatments.

When should you use RESTOMYL Gel?

  • After all professional dental procedures (eg; scaling, orthodontical treatment…)
  • In case of gingivitis, periodontitis, stomatitis…

Easy to use, Restomyl Gel will rapidly spread over the entire oral mucosa.