Petosan Silentpower


The ultrasonic toothbrush

The Petosan Silentpower brush cleans the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth simultaneously.

It is just as important to brush your dog’s teeth as your own; oral hygiene and dental problems are major health issues for dogs.

For your dog’s teeth

Daily brushing is the most effective way to clean your dog’s teeth and prevent mouth disease.

An extraordinary product for your dog’s teeth, the Petosan Silentpower double-headed brush:

  • Uses 20,000 vibrations per minute to eliminate dental plaque effectively 
  • Is easy to use and uses silent, ultra-sound waves
  • Is well accepted by dogs and gentle on their gums
  • Is easy to handle during brushing
  • Bristles are slanted at a 45° angle to the teeth and the space between teeth and the gums

The brush handle can be equipped with both sizes of replacement head.

The ultrasonic toothbrush


Before brushing his teeth, ask your veterinarian about your dog’s dental health. You should only start brushing your dog’s teeth if they are perfectly healthy.

How do I brush my dog’s teeth?
Start progressively, so it gradually becomes a positive experience for your dog.

  • Familiarise your dog with the brush at first, by letting him lick the toothpaste without biting it. If your dog tries to bite the brush, gently press it against his lips. This does not hurt and he will stop biting.
  • Use Petosan toothpaste, which is specially formulated for dogs (never use human toothpaste which is harmful for your dog if he swallows it). Put a small quantity of toothpaste on the brush, lift your dog’s lips, and start by brushing a single tooth the first day.
  • When brushing, use gentle strokes.
  • Do not press on the brush; this is not necessary.
  • Increase the number of teeth cleaned each day.
  • If your animal becomes agitated, stop and try again later.