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Dogs like to be active; it is their natural state.

However, most dogs become increasingly stiff with age, often becoming lazier and less playful. In many cases, this stiffness creeps up on them.


Your dog finds it more difficult to get up, dislikes jumping in and out of the car, is reluctant to use the stairs… You might notice your dog is no longer as energetic or as happy as before.

This is often an entirely natural process and a sign of natural aging, but when mobility is reduced so much as to be a problem, a daily dose of Biodistra GLUCOSAMIN can prove very valuable.

What is Glucosamine?

Cartilage in and around joints is constantly worn and renewed. Glucosamine is a compound naturally present in the body that helps form new cartilage, bone, muscles, ligaments and sinews.


Glucosamine 2KCI, chicory inulin, di-methionine, calcium L-ascorbate,
manganese sulfate

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