Stomax > A beneficial dietary supplement

STOMAX is registered with the Swedish Department of Agriculture as a dietary supplement. It prevents gastrointestinal problems in cats and dogs.

  • It contains only food-quality ingredients. Stomax can be used as a cure or over longer periods to treat chronic problems. The ingredients listed below make Stomax a comprehensive and effective product against digestive problems in dogs and cats.
  • PV70: The main ingredients in Stomax are carefully selected fibres from the potato cell wall. PV70 is a unique fibre that can absorb a great deal of water (important in cases of diarrhoea) and is rich in cellulose.
  • Yeast fibres: Stomax contains yeast fibres that promote important “benign” organisms living in the large intestine. The yeast fibres in Stomax are prebiotic, i.e. they assist the growth of useful bacteria and stimulate the intestine’s muscular action (peristalsis).
  • Inulin/oligofructose are obtained from chicory and have a broad-spectrum effect. They are probably the most documented prebiotics available today. These fibres contribute to improved absorption of calcium, phosphorous, iron, zinc and other minerals in the animal’s food.
  • Lecithin: STOMAX also contains lecithin, a natural fatty acid also present in animal cells. Lecithin binds up water and the potato fibres, forming a jelly that protects the sensitive membrane in the stomach and intestines.
  • B Vitamins: STOMAX is enriched in essential B vitamins since gastrointestinal troubles reduce the capacity of the animal to assimilate them.

Why do veterinarians recommend STOMAX?

  • Counteracts several types of gastrointestinal problems
  • Easy to administer and dose
  • Suitable for all cats and dogs
  • High water retention capacity (important for treating loose stools)
  • Contains prebiotic dietary fibres for better assimilation of food
  • Contributes to beneficial intestinal flora

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