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Does your dog or cat have bad breath? Pass wind more often than usual? Are stools loose or hard? Is the coat dull? Has your pet lost its appetite, seemed tired or listless? Any of these symptoms might mean the stomach is not functioning as it should. Stomax acts entirely naturally and helps you dog or cat to maintain balance in the stomach and intestines. Compared to other dietary supplements, Stomax is an interesting alternative because it acts in three different ways simultaneously.

Normalises stools

Stomax contains healthy fibre that is important for digestion. When your dog or cat eats sufficient fibre, intestinal movements are more efficient and it is easier for the intestines to transport waste out of the body. This is particularly important if digestion is slow and bowel movements are difficult. At the same time, these fibres are effective when stools are looser than normal, because they absorb any excess liquid in the intestines.

Stimulates beneficial bacteria and microorganisms

Stomax contains an effective and well-documented prebiotic, inulin/oligofructose, which contributes to the more efficient use of minerals and nutrients from the daily food intake. Inulin/oligofructose has a broad-spectrum effect. This means that it is beneficial to a large area of the intestines. Moreover, Stomax contains yeast fibres that functions as a nutritive additive for the important benign organisms that live in the large intestine where nutrition is obtained from food. The yeast fibres also stimulate the intestine’s muscular action, otherwise called peristalsis.

Protects and reinforces

Lecithin is a natural fatty acid that is important for digestion. In Stomax, lecithin has two important functions. First, it binds up water and useful fibres, forming a jelly that protects the sensitive membrane in the stomach and intestines. Secondly, it is important for optimal pancreatic function, something that is essential for both digestion and the metabolism. When your dog or cat receives a dose of Stomax, the amino acid lysine is released in the intestine. Lysine strengthens the digestive process and helps the natural immune system to remain strong and effective. Moreover, Stomax is enriched with B vitamins for strength and stamina.

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