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Many of our customers have tried Stomax after using other products without results.
After only two days of treatment with Stomax, most observed a significant improvement, whether in animals with severe diarrhoea or with chronic problems. A case study of dog and cat owners demonstrated that all, except one, observed a tangible improvement during the prescribed period of treatment.
Common symptoms were diarrhoea, gas, vomiting, loss of appetite and gastrointestinal problems.

Katrina Lindgren, an animal care provider in Heksingborg, relates her experience:
“My Rottweiler bitch Smilla is seven years old and has been thoroughly healthy all her life. However, this spring she began having stomach troubles. She had bad diarrhoea and was generally unwell.
I was very worried about her on this first occasion and she was put on a drip feed and antibiotics in the surgery. After two days on the drip feed, she livened up again. This was followed by a diet of small portions.
Time passed, but then she had another period of stomach trouble. However, this time I tried starving her for 24 hours and then feeding her very small portions of diet food. 5 days later, she was fine, but after a few weeks, she suffered another bout of diarrhoea. Instead of taking her to the vet or starving her, I tried treating Smilla with Stomax. I administered Stomax on Saturday night, mixed with her usual food. Sunday evening, her stools were firm. I continued to give her Stomax twice a day in addition to her usual food as per instructions.
Now Smilla takes Stomax regularly, is in good health, lively and contented”.

Ann-Christin Nilsson, and her Pomeranian, Fanny
“Fanny is a five year old Pomeranian. She has been having stomach trouble for quite some time and suffers from chronic diverticulosis.
For Fanny, this resulted in stomach pains, a painful red spot at the base of her tail, dull eyes and general tiredness and depression. After taking Stomax regularly for a short time, we saw a big difference. The stomach pains and the red spot at the base of her tail disappeared. She now has bright eyes and is generally a much happier animal.”

Ulla Wallenburg and her American cocker spaniel, Kim
“My American cocker spaniel Kim has suffered from intestinal inflammation since 1998, with loose and bloody stools. Since then he has been treated with different medicines with varying effects.
I tried many different feeds and other “additives”, but he was still loose in his stomach. In early September 2005, I tried out a new cure called STOMAX, and using this, together with some light medication, he became completely cured of his symptoms.
On one occasion, we ran out of Stomax and could not give him his dose for a week. His faeces became loose again. We resumed the Stomax treatment and the problem disappeared. Kim now functions as a happy, healthy dog. He will be given Stomax for the rest of his life, to the satisfaction of us all.”

Nina Petterson and her cat, Skott
“My cat suffered 7 months colitis as a consequence of elevated liver values. Stomax produced the best results of all the preparations I tried together with diet food. I took Scott to the animal hospital and received medicine for the liver values, but it failed to stop the diarrhoea until I used Stomax. Skott was better after 2-3 days of treatment. I administered Stomax once a day (together with diet food) for two months and was then able to stop the treatment. If any of my cats suffer from diarrhoea again I shall use Stomax immediately!”

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