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  • What is the difference between hyaluronic acid and glucosamine?
    Glucosamine is well documented for its regenerative properties and as a component of healthy cartilage. To play a useful role in joint health, glucosamine must first be converted into hyaluronic acid. Consequently, the direct use of hyaluronic acid (Syno-Vital) produces more rapid and effective results.
  • How long should Syno-Vital be administered and how long does it take to see results?
    Simply add the content every day to the animal’s food or water. For optimal results, use the product every day. A study has shown that the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid in Syno-Vital was present in joints less than 20 minutes after administration, while most other joint treatments took several weeks to produce visible effects.
  • What happens if I stop giving Syno-Vital to my pet?
    For optimal results, Syno-Vital should be used every day. If the treatment is interrupted or stopped, symptoms can reappear. Once the symptoms have stopped, Syno-Vital can be administered every other day during a maintenance phase.
  • How often should it be administered?
    1 to 3 pumps a day depending on the animal’s weight. Simply add the liquid to the animal’s food or water
  • What can I do to relieve joint problems?
    Excess weight creates an additional strain on joints and limbs, reducing mobility and eventually causing more weight gain. It is advisable to control the animal’s weight.
  • When should my pet not take Syno-Vital?
    Syno-Vital has not been tested on pregnant or nursing animals and therefore we recommend consulting your veterinarian before treatment.
  • Is Syno-Vital exclusively for cats and dogs?
    No, other animals with synovial joints can benefit from treatment. However, due to its dosage, we cannot recommend it for other pets.

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