About us

BUCCOSANTÉ is a company of groupe Swedencare that collaborates with leading laboratories for the development of unique products on the market, tested and patented for animals and humans.

  • We distribute our products in France, Belgium/Netherland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Portugal.
  • Our products are sold by veterinarians, pharmacies, paramedics, nature / bio shops, pet / garden- and grooming centers and on our web shop.
  • The products are of the highest quality, developed and manufactured strictly according to European regulations and those of other concerned countries and under GMP-control.

We strive to distribute only unique products, mostly patented worldwide.

In France
Veterinarians: CEVA – sophie.lalanne@ceva.com

Pharmacies: OMEGA PHARMA – lbaptista@omega-pharma.fr

Garden/animal centers: DEMAVIC – gilles.deschamps@demavic.com

Belgium / Netherlands: Veterinarians: ECUPHAR – sara.maddens@animalcaregroup.com

Italy: INNOVET – rdv@innovet.it

Germany: VECTAVIS – info@vectavis.de

Portugal: FLYING VET – info@flyingvet.pt

Switzerland: DENTOVET / DENTISTRY-4-VETS- info@dentistry-4-vets.ch


About us