The tongue scraper

Dental health professionals consider cleaning the tongue an important part of daily oral hygiene.

Why clean your tongue?

Cleaning the tongue ensures a perfectly clean mouth and fresh breath.

In fact, cleaning the tongue means removing all the soft deposits containing debris and bacteria that cause dental plaque. The tongue has an irregular surface with many hollow spots that can house bacteria, an essential cause of bad breath (halitosis) and development of dental disease. 

The tongue scraper

Why use DetoxLangue?

DetoxLangue is a perfect tool to clean the tongue, both comfortably and effectively. It is easy to use and takes less time than rinsing with mouthwash. DetoxLangue is designed with two handles that make manipulation and use easy. It is saturated with antibacterial mint aroma for an intense fresh sensation…

DetoxLangue should be replaced every 3 months.

IMPORTANT: Bad breath can be an underlying sign of heart disease. If bad breath persists, consult your dentist.

What makes DetoxLangueTongue unique?

The main cause of bad breath is the development of bacteria on the tongue.

Try the DetoxLangue tongue scraper and stop the proliferation of bacteria.

DetoxLangue uses an innovative technology and is saturated with an antibacterial mint aroma. Its two-handle design enables quick and effective cleaning of the tongue, for a fresh mouth and breath.


  1. Thoroughly rinse the DetoxLangue tongue scraper in water
  2. Stick out the tongue
  3. Place DetoxLangue on the tongue near the back of the mouth, with the handles turned downwards
  4. Press gently down and pull the scraper towards the tip of the tongue
  5. Rinse the DetoxLangue tongue scraper in water. Repeat the operation if necessary

A clean tongue –a guarantee of fresh breath!