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Despite years of health education on oral and dental maintenance, the “Adult Dental Health Survey” is reporting that in 1998, the presence of visible plaque and dental tartar continues to be a factor closely related to the development of periodontal disease.

Such negligence contributes to the enormous amout of surgical time spent on scaling and polishing treatments.

“Even though long-term periodontal health maintenance depends on strict daily control of dental plaque, a significant number of patients do not seem willing or able to adhere to this need for effective control of dental plaque over the long-term…”
(P Galgut – “Dental Health Vol 33, N°4 1994)

Bacterial plaque evolves constantly in the oral environment and easily attaches to teeth and gums.
Failure to act can lead to bleeding and gum disease (gingivitis) and especially unnecessary, premature loss of teeth. Dental plaque can also be converted into tartar which, once formed, becomes very difficult to remove.

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