For a healthy stomach

Stomax is effective against digestive problems in dogs and cats.

Stomax protects the mucus membrane and benefits good bacteria. The content of PV70 in Stomax, and its high water retention ability, makes normalization of the feces more efficient.

  • Does your dog or cat have bad breath? 
  • Pass wind more often than usual? 
  • Are stools loose or hard? 
  • Is the coat dull? Has your pet lost its appetite, seemed tired or listless?

All these signs point to gastrointestinal problems. 

Stomax can be used as an intensive cure for occasional problems or as a long-term treatment (three weeks or more). 

Food supplement for dogs and cats

  • Normalises stools
  • Prebiotic, balances intestinal flora
  • Protects and reinforces the gastrointestinal tract

Lecithin, another important component in Stomax, protects and supports the mucus membrane, but also contributes to better digestion, metabolism and function of the pancreas (the pancreas is important both for metabolism and digestion).

Stomax also supplies vitamine and amino acid premix, which is important during digestive disorders when the animal’s ability to assimilate these is decreased. For example, dogs with diarrhea often get dull fur. The vitamine and amino acid premix in Stomax counteracts this. Stomax also contains yeast fibers that stimulate the muscular action of the intestines, otherwise known as peristalsis (apart from being prebiotic).



A super food supplement for dogs with gastrointestinal disorders.